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Illegal Housing to Face Prosecution

Illegal housing societies in Pakistan

Mian Aslam Iqbal, the Provincial Minister for Housing and Urban Development, confirmed on Friday that an operation plan against unlawful housing societies is being developed. If the unauthorized housing association is not registered, the case will be forwarded to the anti-corruption department. Whoever perpetrated the offense will be held accountable. Aslam Iqbal stated that a […]

Islamabad’s Most Prominent Economical Housing Societies

Pakistan is the world’s sixth-most populated country, with a population of about 220.9 million people. The demand for homes and other housing rises in tandem with the country’s population. Many low-income affordable housing organizations have stepped up to fill the need. The need for excellent, low-income housing communities can enhance the lives of individuals who […]

What Factors Contribute to Property Value Decline?

Many individuals prefer to invest in real estate because of the security it gives since it keeps your money secure and creates significant earnings over time. However, there are several conditions that might cause your home value to fall. This might result in a setback for your property, increasing the likelihood of losing money. When […]

How to Develop Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy

Real estate is a complicated industry that involves moving in loops of discussions, marketing, and transactions. In the lack of real estate transactions, there is a greater emphasis on marketing. However, when you become involved with real estate transactions and discussions, your marketing efforts normally slow down, causing you to lose potential leads. The key […]

Pakistan and Turkey Signs Preferential Trade Deal

Pakistan and Turkey

On Friday, Pakistan and Turkey inked a Preferential Commerce Agreement (PTA) to increase trade between the two countries. The agreement was signed at the PM’s office by visiting Turkish Trade Minister Dr. Mehmet Mus and Minister of Commerce Syed Naveed Qamar. The PTA, also known as the Trade in Goods Pact, includes provisions on bilateral […]